Thinking Classrooms

Metacognition Lessons for Primary Schools

Practising teacher and growth mindset expert Katherine Muncaster has worked with bestselling formative assessment expert Shirley Clarke to develop these easy-to-use lessons which encourage children to reflect on the outcomes of their learning.

  • Develop transferable learning skills such as planning, trying, checking and not being afraid to fail
  • Boost children’s independence, resilience and approach to learning
  • Develop teachers' confidence with embedded CPD, teaching plans and pick-up-and-go resources
  • A highly-cost effective approach at £30.99 per book


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Metacognition has consistently high levels of impact. The evidence indicates that teaching these strategies can be particularly effective for low achieving pupils. The Education Endowment Fund Teacher Toolkit

Develop children’s understanding of how they learn (metacognition) so that they can take control of their own learning. The Education Endowment Fund’s Teacher Toolkit identified metacognition as a highly effective approach for raising attainment in children. Rising Stars' Thinking Classrooms handbook offers engaging lesson plans and activities to introduce and teach metacognition throughout a primary school, from Reception through KS1 and KS2.


What's included in this handbook?

• A clear introduction to metacognition to help all teachers appreciate its benefits

• Engaging, easy-to-use lessons and activities for every year group from Reception to Year 6

• Pupil self-evaluation for use at the end of each activity

• Downloadable worksheets, templates, images and videos for every activity

• Original and fun assembly ideas

• CPD videos and PowerPoints to support all teachers

• Accompanying videos which demonstrate the approach in real lessons

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About the authors


 Katherine Muncaster is an experienced headteacher and speaker who is 
 passionate about mindsets, teaching and learning. For the past eight years, 
 she has been researching and developing mindsets and metacognition in the 
 classroom through the direct teaching of the concepts and development of 
 classroom culture.

Shirley Clarke has written a number of books for teachers about formative assessment. Her books are always bestsellers, written in an accessible, example-laden style and are considered a vital resource for those committed to the power of formative assessment.


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