Growth Mindset Lessons

Katherine Muncaster with Shirley Clarke

teach primary awards shortlisted

Embed a growth mindset across your school with practical strategies, lesson plans, and extensive examples to turn growth mindset into a powerful reality. 

  • Put growth mindset into action in a tangible way with a handbook tested and trialled by Katherine Muncaster. 
  • Develop a powerful learning culture throughout your school with a comprehensive and practical scheme of work. 
  • Benefit from the experience of co-author and leading professional development expert Shirley Clarke.

What's included?

- Detailed introduction on Growth Mindset from Shirley Clarke

-  Whole-school assembly ideas

- Detailed lesson plans, classroom activities, templates and other resources

- Provide demonstrations of the impact of Growth Mindset in lessons with classroom video clips

About the author 

 Katherine Muncaster is an experienced headteacher and speaker who is 
 passionate about mindsets, teaching and learning. For the past eight years, 
 she has been researching and developing mindsets and metacognition in the 
 classroom through the direct teaching of the concepts and development of 
 classroom culture

 Find out more about Katherine via her Website


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