WordBlaze Samples

Powerful intervention to help children meet Key Stage 2 reading and spelling expectations

WordBlaze is proven to help children meet end of Key Stage 2 expectations for reading and spelling. WordBlaze offers a fun, multi-sensory approach that makes learning to read and spell motivating and memorable.

Use WordBlaze with Years 5 and 6 intervention groups to quickly bring them up to speed with the reading and spelling expectations in the new national curriculum.

When used as a whole reading and spelling programme, WordBlaze is designed so that three pupil challenge booklets are finished in one academic year, with each of the six booklets containing 11 patterns. The clear aim of finishing a challenge, linked to seeing progress along the route, is hugely motivating and gives pupils a great sense of achievement when completed.

Try WordBlaze out with your class by downloading the WordBlaze Sampler below which includes:

  • What is WordBlaze?
  • Welcome to WordBlaze
  • Teaching with WordBlaze
  • Sample Lesson Plan Pages
  • Tips for Teaching Pages
  • Pupil Challenge Workbook 5 - Run Australia - Sample Lesson - y to i letter pattern
  • Pupil Challenge Workbook 5 - Run Australia - Sample Lesson - silent letters
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