WordBlaze Gameboard Example

WordBlaze is an engaging reading and spelling intervention programme for KS2 pupils and introduces one new letter pattern each week with a word bank, picture and story.  Making learning fun is central to WordBlaze as it is designed to be motivating and to build up the pupils’ confidence as their fluency increases.  In addition to the pupil booklets, there are lots of games and activities suggested in the WordBlaze Teacher’s Handbook and other resources are available on the CD rom, such as the Gameboards – there is one for each weekly letter pattern.
Here is one you might like to print out and play with your class to consolidate the ‘ee’ letter pattern. They will love it and these boards are great for revision too, as reading practice is made to feel like a game.  The Gameboards can also be laminated and whiteboard markers used so that they can be used time after time.


Download your printable gameboard here: gb_pta-4.pdf

Getting ready:
1.  Print out the Gameboard – 1 per pair.
2.  Divide your pupils into pairs - ideally a stronger reader with a weaker one.
3.  Give out coloured pens/whiteboard markers – 2 colours per pair.
Practise the Words
Read all the words on the board together.
Now you ready to play the games:
Who can spot….

1.         The Single Spy, the word which does not follow the pattern?  (Answer: stream)
2.         The Deliberate Double, the word which appears twice?  This is great for practising scanning and is            
            harder than it looks!  (Answer: keenly)
3.         The Quick Quads, the three words that end with the same three letters as the top left hand word?
            (Answer: Feet, fleet, street, sleet)
In their pairs, the children can also play Three in a Row:            

  • One player chooses a word to read and underlines it with his/her colour.
  • The other pupil now does the same.
  • The aim is to get 3 words underlined in a row and, like noughts and crosses, the rows can be in any direction: vertical, horizontal or diagonal.  
  • When a player has 3 in a row, he or she puts a line through all three words with the marker and notes down at the side of the board he or she has got a 'three in a row'.
  • This continues until all the words have been read and underlined.
  • Players must keep a tally of their score as they go along so they know the score straight away.
Note: if a fourth word in a line of three is underlined, then another ‘3’ is formed. This can continue on if there is a free word still in the row to read and underline.
Each Gameboard will look something like this at the end of the game. If laminated, the pupils can then wipe the board clean ready for the next time it is used.


Have fun!
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