Case Studies and Testimonials

ASE review of Switched on Science

Switched on Science will no doubt help teachers ‘get to grips’ with the new curriculum and certainly provides plenty of ideas to ensure the full coverage. Teachers lacking in confidence in science will embrace the ideas in each unit.

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Ealdham Primary School, Switched on Science

Switched on Science has stoked the children's enthusiasm for science and has allowed us to teach the new curriculum in a fun and engaging way! It has changed the way the school teaches science and as a result teachers are more confident to teach the new curriculum and children are more motivated to learn!

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Old Mill Testimonial

The detailed background knowledge in the Teacher Guides has been especially helpful to me as a non-science specialist. The activities and experiments are also really fun, one pupil shouted out, ‘I love this science!’ during a lesson on magnets!

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Portway Junior Case Study

I would definitely recommend Switched on Science to other schools.

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The Complete Science School Pack

I would recommend the Complete Science Pack to other schools as it supports teachers in delivering effective science teaching, learning and assessment.

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Walton le Dale Case Study

The children have experienced more investigation contexts, begun to become more independent in their planning and carrying out of experiments

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Woodlands Primary Case Study

It provides lots of fantastic lesson ideas, full of practical activities, that can easily be adapted (if needed) to meet the needs of each class.

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Tennyson Road review of Switched on Computing Second Edition

As the learning objectives are clear teachers can choose activities to match their planning and teach a cross-curricular topic if they choose to.

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