Switched on Science in the Early Years sample units

Specifically written for use in EYFS settings, Switched on Science in the Early Years develops and enhances young and enquiring minds and puts science into context. 

You can download two free sample units below to try out in your classroom. They include:

Superhero materials

This unit gets children talking about superheroes, discussing how different superheroes are good at different things, before creating their own ‘material superheroes’ out of different materials. This unit then focuses on testing materials and looking at their properties through a selection of modelled experiments, contextualised age-appropriate activities and free-flow areas for the setting.

Biscuit bears

In this unit, children sort and make biscuits (using the Biscuit Recipe Poster provided with this unit) to develop their understanding of materials, including how they can be changed using force and heat. The children will develop skills and understanding in carrying out simple comparative tests on keeping biscuits fresh. 

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