Tennyson Road review of Switched on Computing Second Edition

Tennyson Road is a fully inclusive, multicultural, three form entry primary school operating over two sites in South Luton.

  1. How are you using this resource?

Switched on Science is used by all Year groups from Reception to Year 6. Reception tend to dip in and out but Years1-6 have all their Science topics over the Year based on the 6 yearly units in Switched on Science. The resource is used for planning, especially the learning objectives and outcomes and the end of unit tests are edited and used to inform assessment of understanding.

  1. Why did you choose this resource?

The units closely match the National Curriculum programme of study and also matched the topics we were already teaching and therefore the resources we already had. The activities outlined are practical and hands on which mirrors our approach to teaching science.  Less confident teachers can easily follow the activities and improve their subject knowledge with the Topic overview and subject knowledge sections.

  1. What are the main benefits of the resource?

The resource is easy to follow and very comprehensive. There are plenty of activities to chose from and the progression prevents the same concept being repeated while reinforcing key ideas in subsequent years. Being able to access the resource online means we no longer have the annoyance of lost books. Teachers at KS1 find the activity sheets useful and there are helpful videos of some of the activities.

  1. Is the resource flexible? How?

As the learning objectives are clear teachers can choose activities to match their planning and teach a cross-curricular topic if they choose to. The assessments are editable so they can also be adapted.

  1. Does the resource engage your learners? How?

Our learners love investigations and discovery, they enjoy practical investigations and practical activities. There are lots of suggestions for these in Switched on Science.

  1. How effective has it been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?

It has been more effective in pointing teachers in the right direction and supporting the less confident.

  1. How have you used the resource to track progression and achievement?

We use the end of unit tests, often editing to suit any changes made to the unit due to shorter/longer school terms or cross curricular teaching. The Science section of our own progression document closely matches the learning outcomes in Switched on Science.

  1. How has it helped to direct your teaching plans?

Our planning is based on the same units, however we often use more detail than the plans on the website so use our own format but include learning objectives and activities.

  1. Have you found the resource easy to use?


  1. What did you like about it? 

It’s heavily weighted towards Working Scientifically, easy to use and shows clear progression. We also like the CPD videos and the useful websites list directing you to You Tube videos for lesson starters, these are very useful too.

  1. Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

Yes, for all the reasons stated above.

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Switched on Science Second Edition
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