ASE review of Switched on Science

The teacher's guidance is clear and comprehensive and there is plenty within each topic to keep the children involved. Each topic starts with a cross-curricular section which is extremely well thought out and full of interesting and stimulating ideas to link the topic across the units. Learning objectives for both knowledge and enquiry are clearly set out and a particular strength of these units is the provision of good, rich questions to aid learning and further understanding. The scientific language section is helpful and although the vocabulary is challenging at times it is very comprehensive.  Equipment lists are also usefully given at the start of each section. The range and number of activities included gives teachers a good selection of activities to enthuse and engage the children. The Activity Resources book has some interesting, helpful ideas and it is obvious this is not a photocopiable pupil ‘worksheet’ resource. Most of the sheets support practical activities, which is refreshing! 

Switched on Science will no doubt help teachers ‘get to grips’ with the new curriculum and certainly provides plenty of ideas to ensure the full coverage. Teachers lacking in confidence in science will embrace the ideas in each unit.
Switched on Science Second Edition
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