Option B) Parent purchases from your school

Implementing a SATs revision sale

Whether you're holding a revision sale to raise funds for your school, or simply looking to raise awareness of our SATs revision range at a parents evening, our free to order promotional materials will make it easy to promote Achieve revision books to your Year 6 parents. 


To get started:
  • Order a free Achieve revision display box and posters to promote your event by clicking the image below.


  • Download  parent order forms and a school order summary. 

How to promote your event
  • Decide on a selling price for the Achieve books – we will charge £2.50 per book sold, anything on top of that is up to you!

  • Fill in the event details on the space provided at the bottom of the free to order posters and put them in places visible to Year 6 parents.

  • Forward promotional emails to parents using the downloadable template provided.

  • Pop the Achieve revision box in a prominent place ahead of the event to raise awareness of the range.

Running your event
  • Ahead of the event download the parent order forms and insert your chosen selling prices next to the books.

  • Place the parent order forms next to the Achieve revision box.

  • Take payment from the parent and collate the order forms.

After your event 
Added to your basket: