Schools to parents

We have two great Achieve offers for your school to choose from, giving you the opportunity to pass on discounts to parents or raise funds for your school. Simply select option A or B to view the free supporting promotional resources available to your school ...

‚ÄčOption A: Parent purchases directly from us

  • Download or order free promotional materials with a special offer for parents
  • Share the offer with parents
  • Parent purchases directly from Rising Stars

Benefit to school
  • Easy to implement and no admin time for the school
  • Saves school budget

Benefit to parent
  • We sell to parents with a 58% discount on our RRP


Option B: Parent purchases from your school

  • Download or order free promotional materials
  • You choose the price you would like to sell the books to parents for
  • Use free materials to promote a parents evening or revision sale
  • Take payment from parents and we will invoice the school

Benefit to school
  • Provides an opportunity to raise funds for your school – we will charge £2.50 per book sold, anything on top of that is up to you!
  • School can keep a book display set worth £54 for free*

Benefit to parent
  • Parent still saves money and raises funds for your school


*We will invoice the school £54 for the cost of the Achieve revision books if no KS2 Achieve books are ordered within three months of ordering the box. Only one box per school may be ordered. 

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