Tennyson Road Primary - Achieve 100 Revision Resources Case Study

We asked Nicola Lloyd-Jones, year 6 Teacher what she thinks about the Achieve 100 Revision Range for the Key Stage 2 National Tests

How do you use the Achieve 100 Revision range?

We use the Achieve 100 books as a homework tool. Each week I set the students work based on class topics and they use the achieve books to further their knowledge. Each student has their own set of revision books and are encouraged to use them for support before attending homework club or discussing their misconceptions with the teacher. This has really helped to boost their confidence in independent learning (of course it took them a while to get used to the idea of not being dependent on teaching staff/parents for help).

Our parents are much happier as they too are able to identify how to solve the problem, understand terminology e.t.c – they tend to use the revision books to help them support their children at home.

What do you and the children like about the Achieve 100 Revision and Practice Questions books and Practice Tests?

Personally I think they are brilliant! They are clear, simple and easy to use. The children love the brightness of the books – the chunking up of work and the detailed but clear explanations. They also love the fact that there is not too much work on one page – they are not ploughing through question after question. They enjoy their homework!

Homework is set from the Achieve 100 PLUS books for my more able students – they love the challenge and feel they are a part of an exclusive club as they have their own set of work books!

The practice tests are great too! They are very similar in layout to the SATs tests which gives my children good practice for the real thing! They are age and challenge appropriate. I use them in a variety of ways – sometimes running the tests as normal to consolidate knowledge or to show where the children are at or quite often I use the individual questions as starters. A great resource!

Would you recommend the Achieve 100 range to other schools?

Love it! I would highly recommend to others! A very good buy! 


Nicola Lloyd-Jones, Year 6 Teacher
Achieve SATs Revision
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