Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School - Achieve 100 Case Study

The Achieve 100 Revision and Practice questions books are great as they go through step-by-step how to do something – broken down into really small steps. I like how the questions are very much in line with how they would appear in the National Tests. I find the Achieve PLUS books extremely useful to really push my higher attaining pupils – perfect extension material.

We are currently using the materials for booster sessions in the afternoon as well as sending the grammar and maths practice questions books home for homework.   

The Achieve 100 Teacher’s Toolkit is fantastic! The topic areas are broken down and so easy for us to follow! Especially now the expectations are greater – helps with subject knowledge.

The Achieve 100 Practice Tests are great in the run up to the SATs as they are very much in line with the tests. They will certainly have children prepared.

The Achieve range seems perfectly in line with the expectations of the 2016 SATs. I’m finding them extremely useful and I will use them more and more in the run up to the SATS. They are easy to follow and the children love using them.
Connor Lavin, Assistant Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Manchester
Achieve SATs Revision
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