Edgewood Primary School - Achieve 100 Case Study

About Edgewood Primary School:
Edgewood Primary School has 300 children on roll with 45 children in Year 6. It is a maintained primary in a former mining town in the Midlands, with broadly typical numbers of pupils eligible for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium funding. One-and-a-half form entry means that children are taught in mixed-age classes throughout KS1/2.

How did you use the Achieve 100 revision and practice questions books range with your children?
The books have been used to in target-group booster sessions in school and also for supporting homework.  As we approach the tests themselves, we’re also extending this to use in an after-school revision session, and encouraging children to use them for support at home.

How has the Achieve 100 revision range impacted Year 6 National Test revision?
The Achieve resources have taken a good deal of work away from teachers in having to prepare the materials and resources – particularly in light of the significant changes to expectations for the new tests which would have entailed a lot of work. For students it has enabled them to become familiar with the question types they’re likely to meet in the tests and to identify areas of need for further practice.

Do you think Achieve 100 has had a positive impact on revising for the new National Tests?
Yes, unquestionably Achieve has allowed us to target our teaching to find gaps and close them before the tests.

How has the Achieve 100 range impacted on revision lessons?
Achieve revision resources have ensured that we focus on the appropriate skills for each of our groups, and has freed up teachers to focus on the teaching and revision practice, rather than having to find or create the materials first.

Do your Year 6 children like using the Achieve revision range?
The children like the books and have made good use of them. They use them both in school and for homework. I think this also helps parents to see what is expected of the children; the combination of revision and practice books also allows them to support more at home.

Do you think the Achieve 100 revision range has helped to equip children with what they need to know and demonstrate in the National Tests?
Yes, very good, particularly combined with teaching of the techniques and strategies to tackle problems, and also as a way of spotting gaps in pupils security of understanding.

Would you recommend the Achieve 100 range to other schools?
Yes, absolutely - as a timesaver for teachers and an excellent resource for revision and practice.
Michael Tidd, Deputy Headteacher
Achieve SATs Revision
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