Case Studies and Testimonials

Bessemer Primary School

"My colleagues have been testing out the Rising Stars workbook online trials and they are big fans of the GPS and Maths ones (at both Expected and Greater Depth levels)! Thank you again for setting this up for us."

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Edgewood Primary School - Achieve 100 Case Study

The Achieve resources have taken a good deal of work away from teachers in having to prepare the materials and resources – particularly in light of the significant changes to expectations for the new 2016 tests which would have entailed a lot of work. For students it has enabled them to become familiar with the question types they’re likely to meet in the tests and to identify areas of need for further practice.

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Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School - Achieve 100 Case Study

The Achieve range seems perfectly in line with the expectations of the 2016 SATs. I’m finding them extremely useful and I will use them more and more in the run up to the SATS. They are easy to follow and the children love using them.

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Sunnyfields Primary School - Achieve 100 Feedback

With the Achieve reading revision and practice questions books – we are able to focus on a range of skills the children need to develop. The range of texts included enables our children to develop their skills in reading all genres. With the Achieve Maths range – children like working independently through the questions and they assess themselves so they can measure their own progress. All books help children to prepare for SAT’s.

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Tennyson Road Primary - Achieve 100 Revision Resources Case Study

"I think they are brilliant! They are clear, simple and easy to use."

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Review Achieve 100 Range

I have found the ACHIEVE 100 series really helpful with all the recent changes to the curriculum and the Year 6 SATs papers.

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Yew Tree Community School

The questions within the books are challenging and make the children think about what they need to do... by the time it gets to their tests the pupils are flying through the questions, are confident, but above all, LOVE maths. Thank you, Rising Stars, for this great resource.

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