Case Study from Sherborne Preparatory School, Qatar (February 2022)

Sherborne Preparatory School are a British International School in Qatar, who follow the British Curriculum for teaching. They adoped Reading Planet Online Library during the Covid-19 lockdown to try and help pupils catch up with their reading.

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1. How are you using the Reading Planet Online Library and books?

We used Reading Planet as an excellent online reading resource for the children to read a variety of books as they were at home learning and not in our school building. They used this connected to our reading bands we have in school and teachers set different books for the children to read each week.


2. What are the main benefits of the resource?

As mentioned previously our school used it to try stem the tide of a lack of reading occurring during COVID and found that it helped a lot of the children with this.


3. Is the resource flexible? How?

I wouldn’t say it is overly flexible but it is reliable and easy for both teachers and children to understand and function.


4. Does the resource engage your learners? How?

Yes, the children enjoyed having a variety of books to read according to their reading band. It was also useful for parents at home during COVID especially those who were not able to access different books that the children would read for pleasure.


5. Out of 5, how would you rate the resources overall?

4/5 – Our only issue or perhaps point of improvement would be for the children to be automatically assigned a story when they have finished one previously.


6. What do you like about the online resources?

The variety of stories provided and the opportunity our children had to explore these during lockdown.


7. Which features of the online resources are you finding the most useful for home learning and why?

As mentioned having somewhat of an online library for the children was really beneficial especially as it matched up with our reading bands in school, it was easier for teachers to set appropriate books for each individual child and group of children.


8. How have pupils and parents responded to the resources?

Parents were disappointed when our subscription ran out which would indicate they had a positive experience with the resources.


9. Are there any improvements you would suggest?

Just for the system to automatically assign books for the children when they have finished the current book they have read.


10. Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

Yes, having explored other systems few provide the variety of books available.

English Co-ordinator, Sherborne Preparatory School, Qatar


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