Downsway Primary School, Reading (July 2019)

Downsway Primary School is a one-form entry school in Reading.

Danni Rackley is English Lead and Kyle Edwards is the Year 3 Teacher and Phonics Lead.

Here they share their thoughts on the impact that adding Reading Planet to their curriculum has had on the school.

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We use the Reading Planet Reading Record books across the school and they are very good quality. We really like the tricky words and the phonics graphemes in the books, and the comprehension questions  - these are all really helpful. We use the comprehension questions in our Guided Reading in class and it's helpful to have the guidance inside for the parents, too – it has prompted parents to note which words their children have found tricky in their reading, and lots of parents comment that they ask the questions from the inside covers of the books.

We use the Reading Planet Online Library on the whiteboard in Guided Reading. The children enjoy it as it makes the Guided Reading session a bit more interactive – being able to circle, draw on and annotate on the text is useful.

The children have been enjoying the Galaxy non-fiction books and the links with curriculum topics - it was great to hear a child talk about the Florence Nightingale book and make that link independently, for instance. We also love the traditional tales – it’s great to have the familiar ones lower down the school and now to have some of those that they may not be so familiar with higher up but that are accessible, like Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

The Teacher Guides have been helpful for the teaching assistants and we love the assessment sheets. We need these for Key Stage 2, too. They are great to use to show parents where there are still gaps or whether the children should be moved up a level. We ask the teaching assistants to do the assessments, so they can check all children are on the right levels, and then the dialogue afterwards is useful for the teacher and teaching assistant to discuss the recommendation.

We’re really pleased with the Reading Planet books – we’re in the process of ordering the Key Stage 2 books for up to Year 6. Key Stage 1 and Year 3 have really enjoyed the books and Year 4 and upwards are really keen to have the scheme. Before Reading Planet, we had lots of different schemes going so now it’s great to now have one good quality scheme running all the way through.

Danni Rackley, Kyle Edwards, Downsway Primary School
July 2019

Downsway Primary School


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