Case Study from Ebor Gardens Academy, Leeds (2021)

Ebor Gardens Academy have trialled Reading Planet Rocket Phonics prior and post publication. They share their experience of the programme.


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I'm really enjoying teaching Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, as are my colleagues in the school, we find that the scheme is easy to follow but allows for different teaching styles to come out.

The matched texts are absolutely fantastic. In the past, when introducing a banded book to children you would need to teach them lots of tricky words and potentially new code. The matched texts mean the children are only reading books that they've already been given the words and code to read, so they can focus more on decoding the story. This has been particularly useful for the children who find reading a little bit more difficult.

I love how systematic and segmented the scheme is. The way the lessons prepare the children to read target practice texts, eventually leading on to the various book bands, is something that I think is easy to teach and a really organised way for the children to link the theory to the actual reading experience.

The resources are beautiful and engaging, the children have picked up the routines very quickly and it's amazing to see our youngest readers following their new routines so early on in the year.

Annie Dobbie
Year 1 Teacher and Phonics Lead, Ebor Gardens Academy, Leeds

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