Beckstone Primary School, Cumbria (Spring 2019)

In October 2018, Reading Planet launched a match funding offer to all UK schools. Beckstone Primary School explain why they decided to use the offer to overhaul their reading scheme.

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Why did you decide to use the Reading Planet match funding offer?

Our in-class reading books, which children take home to practise with their parents, were beginning to look dated and many of our students weren’t overly engaged by the titles/content. We were researching possible options when your emailed arrived! The offer seemed too good to be true. After looking through the online catalogue, we were really excited to see how well we could utilise our budget to refresh our book stocks. We were able to purchase a large amount of high quality texts at an amazing price. We ordered a Key Stage One Pack which covers all abilities including our pre-key stage ability readers up to our Year Two children who are approaching greater depth level.

What impact have your new Reading Planet resources had in your school so far?

The children are very engaged with the books! They love the characters, illustrations and content. Many parents have explained that their child is much more enthusiastic about reading at home due to the Reading Planet texts. Staff and parents also use the questions on the final page as a fun quiz to test the child’s comprehension of the book. Often the children ask for the Reading Planet books over our other book schemes!

Would you recommend Reading Planet to other schools and if so, why?

We would definitely recommend Reading Planets to other schools. The books are of extremely high quality, beautifully illustrated and really match age related reading expectations. The vocabulary choices extend children’s knowledge and their understanding of the text. Each book and its content has been really well designed and child engagement is almost guaranteed. The customer service has been outstanding and the sales representative was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

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