New Reading Planet Rocket Phonics Next Steps for Year 2 (P3)

Consolidate phonics and develop key literacy skills in Year 2 (P3). This new programme uses the Rocket Phonics ingredients for success: whole-class teaching, steady pace and consistent daily practice with interactive online resources, in-depth planning and reading books that children will truly enjoy.

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Why we love Reading Planet Rocket Phonics

Rocket Phonics Next Steps Resources

A 1-year subscription to Rocket Phonics Online: Next Steps is £180+VAT for unlimited access to: 

  • 3 termly online Teaching Storybooks (Big Books) with spelling alternatives and non-fiction elements to widen awareness of writing for different purposes and audiences  

  • 111 interactive flashcards to revisit and review letter-sounds 

  • Every Pupil Practice Booklet (6 Booklets) as a read-only PDF for display and modelling on the whiteboard 

  • 72 Reading Planet Comet Street Kids and Galaxy book as interactive eBooks with audio and self-marking quizzes 

  • Downloadable half termly sounds family posters and alphabetic code charts for classroom display 

  • Downloadable comprehensive Teacher’s Guide with daily and weekly plans, assessment and SEND guidance 

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 Pupil Practice Booklets are available in packs of 10 for £35 and packs of 30 for £99. 

  • 6 half termly write-in Pupil Practice Booklets with 64 pages to support daily blending and segmenting practice and weekly focused cursive handwriting

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Rocket Phonics Next Steps uses 72 reading books covering Turquoise to White bands from the Reading Planet Comet Street Kids and Galaxy strands. £220 per pack (1 copy of each book):

  • Comet Street Kids Practice Reader Pack 1. Follow the action-packed adventures of Rav, Asha, Tessa, Finn and Stefan. Every book follows a different story! 

  • Galaxy Practice Reader Pack 2. Enrich your teaching across the curriculum with a rich range of fiction and non-fiction tied into curriculum and interest topics.

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How Rocket Phonics Next Steps takes children forward:
Follows the principle of SSP teaching
Cover all the required content of Letters and Sounds (2007) Phase 6 through literacy skills lessons
Builds in National Curriculum requirements for Year 2
Ensure children meet and exceed age-related related expectations
Uses a consistent teaching and learning cycle
Establish effective classroom routines through Review, Teach, Practise, Apply and Assess
Introduces and gradually develops cursive handwriting
Support children in becoming confident writers
Focuses on phonics for spelling and writing
Equip children with essential literacy skills for the wider English curriculum and the transition to Key Stage 2 (P4-P7)
Uses a range of exciting fiction and non-fiction reading books
Widen vocabulary and nurture a love of reading with Reading Planet Comet Street Kids and Galaxy books and online teaching storybooks
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View the brochure

Everything you need to know about the programme.

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Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Meet the Author Abigail Steel is an education consultant, trainer and author specialising in English language and literacy. After spending two decades working closely with hundreds of schools and teachers in the UK and across the globe, Abigail knows what truly drives positive outcomes for children. Often described as inspirational, her approaches to the pedagogies behind teaching and learning are both practical and insightful. Follow Abigail on Twitter @abigail_steel.

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