Rocket Phonics conference

Escape the classroom for a day and step into a world of learning and growth with our exciting new Rocket Phonics conference!

Date: Thursday 28th September 2023

Time: 10am - 3.30pm 

Location: Worcester College, Oxford, OX1 2HB
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Cost: £150+VAT per person. Bring a colleague for £120 + VAT per person.  

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Enhance your literacy leadership skills and discover innovative ways to ensure your school, colleagues and pupils excel in the world of reading. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to learn how to take your pupils’ reading pathway to new heights. 

  • Explore how to maximise the impact of Rocket Phonics by discovering the most efficient methods for implementation and how to carry out a comprehensive audit.  

  • Develop your peer coaching abilities to effectively guide and support your colleagues in achieving their goals. 

  • Take the chance to investigate what data is presented by the Rocket Phonics scheme and learn how to utilise it for creating an action plan. 

  • Investigate alternative phonics paths that will support the lowest 20% of your pupils. 

  • Exchange valuable insights, meet renowned specialist and Rocket Phonics author Abigail Steel and connect with local literacy leaders. 

10:00am Registration and refreshments 

Leadership development​ 

  • Monitoring implementing 
  • Auditing 
  • Peer coaching 
11.15am Morning break. Refreshments provided.

Leadership development continued 

  • What does the data mean? 
  • How to use that data to action plan? 
12.30pm Lunch (provided)

Supporting the lowest 20%​ 

  • Focusing on alternative phonics paths 
  • Identifying need  
  • Implementing intervention 

Impact study

  • Q&A
  • Demo of First Steps in Nursery 
3.15pm Review and reflect 
3.30pm Conference ends

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Meet the speaker

Meet the speaker

Meet the speaker Abigail Steel is the author of Rocket Phonics and an education consultant and trainer specialising in English language and literacy. After spending two decades working closely with hundreds of schools and teachers in the UK and across the globe, Abigail knows what truly drives positive outcomes for children. Often described as inspirational, her approaches to the pedagogies behind teaching and learning are both practical and insightful. Follow Abigail on Twitter @abigail_steel.

Rocket Phonics in the classroom
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