Rocket Phonics Next Steps: Practice Reader Pack 2 (Galaxy: Turquoise – White)

Rising Stars Reading Planet Galaxy
Publication date: 19/08/2022
ISBN: 9781398375161

Achieve phonics success for all pupils with Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, a DfE validated SSP programme. These reading books are taken from the Reading Planet Galaxy strand. Children will practise and apply their phonics skills and develop a love of reading through a variety of curriculum-linked and interest-led fiction and non-fiction books. Ideal for whole-class, guided and independent reading.

What's Included?

Includes 36 Reading Planet Galaxy reading books for Year 2 covering Turquoise to White band. (1 copy of each book).

  • The Tower of Doom - Turquoise: Galaxy

  • Australian Schools with Barnaby Bear- Turquoise: Galaxy

  • Fatama and Mama Wati’s Secret - Turquoise: Galaxy  

  • Maps and Signs- Turquoise: Galaxy    

  • Where the Spiders Creep- Turquoise: Galaxy   

  • Hungry Animals- Turquoise: Galaxy  

  • Look at my Book- Turquoise: Galaxy   

  • Team Bravery- Turquoise: Galaxy   

  • Kristin and the Worm- Turquoise: Galaxy  

  • A Picture Guide to the UK- Purple: Galaxy  

  • The Mystery of the Green Lady- Purple: Galaxy  

  • Off to Japan with Barnaby Bear- Purple: Galaxy    

  • The Island of the Serpents- Purple: Galaxy    

  • Getting Better- Purple: Galaxy    

  • Kina and the Kite Seller- Purple: Galaxy   

  • Did you Hear That and Other Noisy Poems 

  • Maui and the Sun- Purple: Galaxy   

  • Too Slow for Sports Day- Purple: Galaxy   

  • My Arctic Blog- Gold: Galaxy  

  • The Mystery of the Lost Hunter- Gold: Galaxy  

  • My How to be Happy Scrapbook- Gold: Galaxy  

  • Ganesh’s Secret Forest- Gold: Galaxy    

  • Wriggle Room and Other School Poems- Gold: Galaxy  

  • Sunjata and the Sorcerer King- Gold: Galaxy   

  • The Ancient World- Gold: Galaxy    

  • A Garden for Naanee- Gold: Galaxy    

  • Endangered Animals- Gold: Galaxy    

  • The Mystery of the Tangled Net- White: Galaxy   

  • Emily Saves the Day- White: Galaxy    

  • Whales and Dolphins- White: Galaxy   

  • Anansi and the Wisdom of the World - White: Galaxy    

  • The Little Sister of Three Giants- White: Galaxy    

  • Escape from the Wizard’s Tower- White: Galaxy    

  • Winners on Wheels- White: Galaxy   

  • The Salt Maker- White: Galaxy    

  • Eco-Inventions- White: Galaxy    

Each Galaxy reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Rocket Phonics Online: Next Steps.

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