Reading Planet Rocket Phonics Target Practice Readers Pack 1 (Pink A – Blue)

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 28/05/2021
ISBN: 9781398347571
Early Years and Key Stage 1
Early Years

Achieve phonics success for all pupils with Reading Planet Rocket Phonics, a DfE validated SSP programme. These fully-decodable Target Practice books provide focused reading practice of a small group of key letter-sounds and common exception words. Pupils will apply their phonics knowledge and skills through a rich variety of fiction and non-fiction. Ideal for independent, one-to-one and guided reading sessions in the classroom.

What's Included?

Includes 24 fully-decodable Reading Planet Rocket Phonics Target Practice reading books for Reception covering Pink to Blue band and Phonics Phases 2 - 5 (1 copy of each book).

4 x Pink A books:

  • Ants! - Pink A: Rocket Phonics

  • The Pan - Pink A: Rocket Phonics

  • The Cog - Pink A: Rocket Phonics

  • It is not a Dot! - Pink A: Rocket Phonics

4 x Pink B books:

  • Pen the Hen - Pink B: Rocket Phonics

  • Ducks - Pink B: Rocket Phonics

  • A Big Bug - Pink B: Rocket Phonics

  • A Gull’s Mess - Pink B: Rocket Phonics

4 x Red A books:

  • Jack’s Fox - Red A: Rocket Phonics

  • Viv’s Kittens - Red A: Rocket Phonics

  • Up in the Attic - Red A: Rocket Phonics

  • A Quick Quest - Red A: Rocket Phonics

4 x Red B books:

  • The Picnic Lunch - Red B: Rocket Phonics

  • Wings and Things  - Red B: Rocket Phonics

  • The Book Nook  - Red B: Rocket Phonics

  • Pooja’s Pool  - Red B: Rocket Phonics

4 x Yellow books:

  • At the Market  - Yellow: Rocket Phonics

  • Smart Shark  - Yellow: Rocket Phonics

  • The Clever Mirror  - Yellow: Rocket Phonics

  • The River Fair  - Yellow: Rocket Phonics

4 x Blue books:

  • Jake’s Game - Blue: Rocket Phonics

  • No Holiday! - Blue: Rocket Phonics

  • Oatmeal Cookies - Blue: Rocket Phonics

  • The Peach Feast - Blue: Rocket Phonics

Each Target Practice reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Rocket Phonics Online.

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