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New June 2020! 18 Rocket Phonics books for Pink C, Red C and Yellow Plus band. 

Ensure all pupils make phonics progress with new fully-decodable books for extra practise and consolidation of essential early reading skills

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More about the books

  • Ensure an easier transition between early reading levels with 18 books for three new bands for Rocket Phonics: Pink C, Red C and Yellow Plus. 

  • Cover all the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and support your existing phonics teaching using these fully-decodable books, expertly aligned to Letters and Sounds

  • Fully support children who are struggling to learn to read and decode with extra practice of key sounds

  • Develop solid comprehension skills from the start using the ready-made quizzes in each book

  • Make phonics enjoyable with exciting and colourful fiction and non-fiction written by children’s authors and phonics specialists

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