Reading Planet Galaxy Top Up Pack B: Green - White

Rising Stars Reading Planet Rocket Phonics
Publication date: 30/09/2022
ISBN: 9781398368552
Key Stage 1

Enrich your teaching across the curriculum with Reading Planet Galaxy. Expand pupil's vocabulary and deepen topic knowledge through a range of fiction and non-fiction genres and text types. The books are highly decodable and aligned with the progression of the Reading Planet Rocket Phonics SSP programme. Non-decodable 'topic' words are introduced and are listed on the inside front cover of each book. Ideal for more able readers, and for one-to-one, whole-class shared or group guided reading.

What's Included?

18 highly decodable Reading Planet Galaxy reading books published in 2022. For Reception - Year 2 and covering Green to White bands and Phonics Phases 5-6 (1 copy of each book).

3 x Green:

  • Cock-a-Doodle Dragon - Green: Galaxy
  • Space Pirates from Mars! - Green: Galaxy
  • Animals from Oceania - Green: Galaxy

3 x Orange:

  • The Singing Garden - Orange: Galaxy
  • Alien Vikings from Venus! - Orange: Galaxy
  • Mighty Mae Jemison - Orange: Galaxy

3 x Turquoise:

  • Kristin and the Worm - Turquoise: Galaxy
  • Look at My Book - Turquoise: Galaxy
  • David Brown & Jerome Avery - Turquoise: Galaxy

3 x Purple:

  • Maui and the Sun - Purple: Galaxy
  • Too Small for Sports Day - Purple: Galaxy
  • Write it Down! - Purple: Galaxy

3 x Gold:

  • Epic of Sunjata - Gold: Galaxy
  • A Garden for Naanee  - Gold: Galaxy
  • Winners on Wheels  - Gold: Galaxy

3 x White:

  • Anansi and the Wisdom of the World White: Galaxy
  • Escape the Wizard's Tower White: Galaxy 
  • My Animal Journeys Adventure  - White: Galaxy

Each Galaxy reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Lilac – White.

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