Reading Planet Lilac Lift-off Complete Pack

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 24/04/2020
ISBN: 9781398313286
Early Years and Key Stage 1

Start your pupils' reading journey with Reading Planet Lift-off. These beautiful wordless and first words books enable you to explore Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds, using paired fiction and non-fiction. Develop vocabulary and phonological awareness, and introduce the concept of blending and segmenting to prepare children for formal phonics teaching.

What's Included?

12 Reading Planet Lift-off reading books for EYFS and Reception covering Lilac band and Phonics Phase 1 (1 copy of each book).

  • Making Music - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Obi's Party - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Stamp and Clap! - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Wibble, Wobble - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Bouncy Balloons - Lilac: Lift-off

  • One, two...Sharing with you! - Lilac: Lift-off

  • I Spy - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Goal! - Lilac: Lift-off

  • Big Voice, Little Voice - Lilac: Lift-off

  • A Walk in the Park - Lilac: Lift-off

  • In My Den - Lilac: Lift-off

  • The Happy Whistle - Lilac: Lift-off

Each Lift-off reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Lilac – White.

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