Comet Street Kids

There's never a dull moment with Rav, Tess, Asha, Finn and Stefan!

Travel through time, journey across the globe and tackle tricky challenges in 144 highly decodable books for Pink A to White.

  • Find a story for every child: this modern series provides a range of relatable stories that feature diverse characters 
  • Widen cross-curricular reading: the exciting adventures link to a range of key topics including ancient history, space and wildlife.   
  • Inspire young readers: the aspirational characters explore themes such as bravery, teamwork and problem-solving.
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What's available:

  • 144 highly decodable books for Pink A to White. Individual copies start at just £3.50 per book.

  • Teacher Support Packs with teaching activities, assessment guidance, photocopiable worksheets and accompanying audio for each book.

  • Interactive eBook versions of every book with accompanying comprehension quizzes. Available via the Reading Planet Online Library.

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