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Welcome to the Reading Planet Online Library

The Reading Planet Online Library is an interactive eBook library. If your child's school subscribes to the Online Library, you will be able to access it for free at home. With a large range of interactive, colourful eBooks, quizzes and a rewards system, it's an ideal resource to boost your child's reading skills and keep them engaged with reading. 

User Guides

These useful and accessible guides explain how to use the Online Library at home:

Reception and Key Stage 1: Click here

Key Stage 2: Click here

Frequently asked questions

What can I do on the Online Library?  The Online Library provides eBooks with interactive quizzes. You can read the eBooks and take the quizzes with your child or they can do it independently. For Reception and Key Stage 1 eBooks, there is audio included so you could listen to the eBook being read aloud. 

How do I know what eBooks my child should be reading?  Your school/teacher will either assign specific eBooks to your child or they will give access to the whole library. Each eBook has a colour band so you can read books according to your child's level. If you are unsure of their reading level, chat to your teacher. 

Where do I get my log in details from? Your school will provide you with your log in details. We are unable to provide these for you. 

How and where do I log in the Online Library?  To log  in click here or copy and paste this URL into an internet browser:  You can do this on a desktop computer, laptop tablet or a mobile phone*. We recommend that you use the following browsers for laptop, desktop and tablet use:: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (latest verson).  See below for mobile phone information.

*How do I use it on my mobile phone?  eBooks can now be read in landscape mode only on iOS and Android mobile devices. Please noe that the quizzes are NOT available on mobile devices. To use the Online Library on IOS, we recommend youse Safari and in Android, we recommend Chrome. 

Is the Reading Planet Online Library an app? No, the Reading Planet Online Library is not an app that you can download, To access it, you must use this link in a browser:

We have logged in at home but we can't see any eBooks. What do we do?  Please contact your school/teacher as we are unable to assign eBooks to your account. 

More useful links

If you'd like to familiarise yourself with the Online Library without logging in, you can view a selection of sample eBooks here .

For advice on reading at home with your child, click here. Our useful guide is available to view online for free in 6 different languages. 

How to use the Online Library at home

Parent Naomi explains the main features including the eBooks, sound and rewards.

Why I use the Online Library

Parent Naomi explains why she uses eBooks at home with her son Leo.

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