Reading Planet Online

The Reading Planet Online Library immerses children in exciting eBook versions of every Reading Planet book to improve comprehension and vocabulary skills.

This affordable annual subscription provides easy access to all staff, pupils and parents in your school and can be used alongside your Reading Planet books or on its own.  

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  • Explore a book with your whole class, a group or in a one-to-one reading session by accessing the library anywhere, on any device.

  • Regularly check understanding using the built-in quizzes for each book and the easy-to-use reporting tool.

  • Motivate and inspire children to read: they will recieve a star for each book read! 

  • Support EAL and struggling readers using the fun audio sychronisation.

  • Strengthen home/school links by allocating eBooks for children to read at home.

Pupils who are more reluctant readers are growing in confidence when the online books are used as a focus for Guided Reading activities Stephen Booth, Assistant Headteacher - St Barnabas CE First & Middle School


A Reading Planet annual subscription provides access to hundreds of interactive eBooks, online quizzes and a reporting tool for all teachers, parents and pupils.
  • £275+VAT for a one-year subscription
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