Reading Planet Cosmos Venus-Earth Top-up Pack October 2023

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 27/10/2023
ISBN: 9781036003579
Key Stage 1

Ensure pupils become confident and fluent readers with Reading Planet Cosmos. Pupils will develop key vocabulary and comprehension skills and build a real love of reading with fiction and non-fiction including modern stories, classic retellings, fact-filled information guides and inspirational biographies. Each book includes comprehension questions, suggested activities and author notes to support reading sessions. Ideal for one-one-one, whole-class or group guided reading in the classroom and for home reading.

What's Included?

24 Reading Planet Cosmos reading books for Years 3-4 covering Venus and Earth bands publishing in 2023 (1 copy of each book).

 12 x Venus:

  • The Digby and Marvel Detective Agency: The Mystery of Houdini, the Disappearing Rabbit - Venus

  • The Caravan Diaries: Alfie's Diary - Venus

  • Hideaway Hotel: Marathon Magic - Venus

  • Australia First Nations Tale - Venus

  • Into the Woods - Venus

  • Matthias and the Miracle Meal: A Christian Tale - Venus

  • Horrible Habitats - Venus

  • South Africa: The Rainbow Nation - Venus

  • Discovering Dinosaurs - Venus

  • Let's Dance - Venus

  • Game Changers: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs - Venus

  • The Amazing Houdini - Venus 

12 x Earth:

  • The Digby and Marvel Detective Agency: The Mystery of the Promise Tree - Earth

  • The Caravan Diaries: Rosie's Diary - Earth

  • Hideaway Hotel: Stuck in the Smog- Earth

  • Trapped in School - Earth

  • The Steel Donkey: A Tale from Barbados - Earth

  • Rama and Sita: A Hindu Story - Earth 

  • Discovering Endurance - Earth

  • Let's Talk About It - A guide to your mental health - Earth

  • The Big Match: Moments That Made Football - Earth

  • Wildlife in the City - Earth

  • Game Changers: Inspiring Feminists - Earth

  • Hunting for Yetis - Earth

Each Cosmos reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Stars - Supernova.

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