Reading Planet Cosmos Stars-Mercury Top-up Pack July 2023

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 18/08/2023
ISBN: 9781036003562

Ensure pupils become confident and fluent readers with Reading Planet Cosmos. Pupils will develop key vocabulary and comprehension skills and build a real love of reading with fiction and non-fiction including modern stories, classic retellings, fact-filled information guides and inspirational biographies. Each book includes comprehension questions, suggested activities and author notes to support reading sessions. Ideal for one-one-one, whole-class or group guided reading in the classroom and for home reading.

What's Included?

24 Reading Planet Cosmos reading books for Years 2-3 covering Stars and Mercury bands publishing in 2023 (1 copy of each book).

12 x Stars:

  • The Digby and Marvel Detective Agency: The Mystery of the Mayor's Bloomers - Stars

  • The Angry King and the Gentle Buddha: A Buddhist Tale - Stars

  • The Caravan Diaries: Star's Diary - Stars

  • Hideaway Hotel: Race to the Shelter - Stars

  • Magic at the Lake - Stars

  • The Unfortunate Crane: A Punjabi Tale - Stars

  • New Zealand: A Wild Wonderland - Stars

  • Game Changers: Cool Conservationists - Stars

  • The Golden Age of Islam - Stars

  • Amazing Islands - Stars

  • Make Your Own Comic - Stars

  • Surprising Sports - Stars

12 x Mercury:

  • The Digby and Marvel Detective Agency: The Mystery of the Missing Golden Dance Cup of Excellence - Mercury

  • Jun and the Empty Pot: A Chinese Tale - Mercury

  • The Caravan Diaries: Jack's Diary - Mercury

  • Hideaway Hotel: Dinosaur Drama - Mercury

  • Jacqueline Hyde and the Monkey Menace - Mercury

  • The Prophet's Journey from Danger: An Islamic Story - Mercury/Brown

  • Your Best-Ever Sleepover! - Mercury

  • Game Changers: Magnificent Medics - Mercury

  • Festival Fun- Mercury

  • The Food in Your Fridge - Mercury

  • Reza's Kitchen - Mercury

  • Mary Anning: Fossil Hunter - Mercury

Each Cosmos reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Stars - Supernova.

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