Spark curiosity and intrigue with Reading Planet Key Stage 2 non-fiction

Reading Planet provides a range of fascinating fact-filled non-fiction for Key Stage 2 that explores curriculum and interest topics. 

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Key Stage 2 non-fiction resources

Explore topics across the curriculum and tap into pupils' interests with fascinating fact-filled non-fiction packed with stunning imagery. 

  • 48 non-fiction books covering Stars (Lime) to Supernova (Red+) bands

  • Genres include magazine style information guides and inspirational biographies 

  • Topics include computing, wellbeing and historical figures 

  • Packs from £81 - £684

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Key Stage 2 non-fiction books are available in digital format in Reading Planet Online for Key Stage 2. A 1-year subscription for £349+VAT includes:

  • Every non-fiction reading book as an interactive eBook with self-marking quizzes

  • Downloadable Teacher’s Guides with guidance and pupil worksheets for every book

Your subscription also provides access to Reading Planet’s Key Stage 2 fiction books in digital format. Plus, useful teacher tools and the Reporting Tool.

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Key Stage 2 non-fiction overview

Key Stage 2 non-fiction overview

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What to expect from Key Stage 2 non-fiction
Develop essential non-fiction reading skills
Books are packed with non-fiction text features such as infographics, diagrams, glossaries and captions
Widen pupils' knowledge of different non-fiction text types
The range includes instruction books, guides, biographies and more
Engage pupils in non-fiction
Explore modern and relevant topics such as computing, wellbeing, music, the environment and sports
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Meet the Series Editor

Meet the Series Editor

Catherine Baker is an editor, consultant and writer specialising in children’s reading development throughout the Primary years. She has worked in educational publishing for over 30 years, and has written over 50 books for children and teachers.

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