Target your struggling and reluctant Key Stage 2 readers with Reading Planet Astro

Launching Autumn 2021: 24 Astro books for Year 3-4!  Astro for Years 5-6 will be available in Spring 2022. 

Discover this exciting new Reading Planet strand with our free online samples. 

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What to expect from Astro
Ensure lower attaining pupils improve fluency skills
Dual-banded books combine lower reading levels with age-related interest levels
Practise and reinforce phonics skills
24 of the books are highly decodable and feature letter-sounds lists inside
Get reluctant readers excited about reading
Colourful graphic novels, gripping adventure series, magazine-style non-fiction have been written by award-winning authors such as Tony Bradman and Bali Rai
Improve essential comprehension and vocabulary skills
In-book questions and online quizzes are linked to the content domains of the National Tests
Support your SEN and EAL pupils
Accessible features include dyslexia-friendly font and page background, synchronised eBook audio and in-book glossaries and tricky word lists

Astro resources

Target your struggling and reluctant Key Stage 2 readers with exciting dual-banded reading books.

  • 48 fiction and non-fiction books covering Stars/Turquoise to Supernova/Earth bands

  • The first 24 books are highly decodable to support phonics revision 

  • Topics include computing, Black History, space and film

  • Packs from £84 - £348

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Astro books will be available in digital format in Reading Planet Online for Key Stage 2 from Autumn 2021. A 1-year subscription for £299+VAT includes:

  • Every Astro reading book as an interactive eBook with audio and self-marking quizzes

  • Downloadable Teacher’s Guides with guidance and pupil worksheets for every book

Your subscription also provides access to the rest of the Reading Planet scheme for Key Stage 2 in digital format. Plus, useful teacher tools and the Reporting Tool.

View the brochure

View the brochure

Everything you need to know about Reading Planet Astro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Astro has been designed for Key Stage Two pupils who are struggling with their reading but still want to read books which are interesting, exciting and age-appropriate.  Each book is levelled against two bands for example Stars/Turquoise and Mercury/Purple. The first band represents the child’s interest level/chronological age. The second represents their reading level (roughly one school year below the interest level).

Yes. In the first 24 Astro books (covering bands Stars/Turquoise, Mercury/Purple, Venus/Gold, Earth/White), pupils can revisit earlier phonic learning and master aspects of phonics that they may not have already acquired. These books follow the Letters and Sounds 2007 phonic progression framework that is also used in the Reading Planet Rocket Phonics programme. The books cover four Astro colour bands which use letter-sounds and where appropriate, common exception words from the relevant reading level and phonics phase. The focus graphemes and phonemes and tricky words are also listed on the inside of each book.


Whilst the first 24 books do cover letter-sounds and common exception words relevant to the reading level, the books also feature some words which are above the reading level and phonics phase. For example, topic related vocabulary is featured to widen vocabulary knowledge. Therefore, the books are highly decodable rather than fully.

Astro books have a range of features designed to help pupils with special educational needs. This includes the use of off-white paper in our black and white books to help reduce glare and contrast for dyslexic pupils. The books are highly visual with clear layouts, striking use of colour and accessible genres including a graphic novel series. Learn more on page 16 of our free Teacher’s Guide

Astro covers a range of interest and curriculum linked topics including climate change, space, Black History, the Ice Age, sports and computing.

The Astro strand will be available as part of the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online for Key Stage 2 from Autumn 2021. Every book will be available as an interactive eBook with self-marking pupil quizzes and audio which is ideal for supporting reluctant and struggling readers. The subscription also includes downloadable teaching notes for each eBook.

Astro has a range of book packs to suit different needs and budgets ranging from £84 to £385. View the packs here.

Astro eBooks and downloadable teaching notes will be available as part of the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online for Key Stage 2 at £299+VAT per year.

Reading Planet offers a clear and simple pricing across the whole scheme including Astro. Depending on how much you spend, you can save up to 50% on book packs. On orders over £4000, you get free 1-year access to one of our Reading Planet Online subscriptions. Learn more here

Yes! Our team of local Sales Consultants are based across the country and are happy to help with information, advice and orders. They are available to discuss options for your school by phone, email and video call. Make an enquiry here.

FREE Reading Planet Astro teaching guidance

FREE Reading Planet Astro teaching guidance

This useful guide is packed with information and advice on using Astro in your school.

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Meet the Series Editor

Meet the Series Editor

Tony Bradman has been involved in the world of children’s books as an award-winning writer, editor and reviewer for many years. He has written for all ages and in many different genres - poetry, picture books, fiction for beginner readers and reading schemes, non-fiction and reviewer for both the national and specialist press. In recent years Tony has also written a number of historical novels himself which have been very popular in schools. Tony has visited many schools during his long career, and has appeared at all the major literary festivals.

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