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The Reading Planet range contains over 250 truly engaging books ideal for guided reading groups.

Guided reading session

Guided reading is an instructional approach to teaching reading that enables you to devote attention to small groups of children at similar reading ability levels. It allows you to directly teach and support the development of word-reading skills and the skills of reading for meaning.

Ideally, children should be organised into small groups of no more than six. They should have similar reading behaviours and be able to access similar levels of text. Each session should have a clear focus, allowing for reflection and self-assessment at the end of every session.

Each guided reading lesson plan in Reading Planet is formed of three-parts, Before reading, During reading and After reading, providing guidance and support at each step to help you deliver effective sessions. 

Top Tips for Effective Guided Reading

  • Establish routines at the beginning of the year to help children increase their independence during guided reading sessions.
  • Encourage children to set group 'rules' or 'courtesies' to help ensure sessions run smoothly
  • Collect all the resources you need for guided reading sessions together in an easily accessible box
  • Be flexible and move children fluidly from group to group adapting each session to meet their needs.
  • Enjoy it - guided reading sessions are a wonderful opportunity to spend focussed time with a small group of children enjoying reading and developing skills.


Reading Planet Strands for Guided Reading 


Lift-off covers

This collection of wordless books and teaching resources provides a comprehensive foundation resource to help develop the key spoken language skills needed to begin reading. Teaching notes are provided for each book which are ideal for either small group or whole class sessions.

Rocket Phonics

Rocket Phonics covers

Each book focuses on key phonemes, allowing children to practise their newly acquired decoding skills through engaging stories and non-fiction. The key phonemes are highlighted within each book making it easy to find the appropriate reading book for your guided reading session.

Comet Street Kids 


These highly-decodable, fun and exciting reading books are sure to captivate your readers. Comprehension questions at the end of the books will help teachers to check understanding and prepare children for the types of questions they will face in the national tests.


Galaxy covers

Encourage and inspire the inquisitive and imaginative childern in your class with a wide range of different genres and text types appropriate to their reading level. These expertly levelled ficion and non fiction books will widen vocabulary, broaden knowledge and nurture reading for pleasure. Themes and topics have been carefully chosen, making them ideal for cross-curricular guided reading.

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