Develop essential reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills with over 400 guiding reading books; featuring characters and themes that truly reflect our world and map to IB PYP transdisciplinary themes and units of inquiry.

  • Access the Library anywhere, on any device at school or at home; ideal for guided reading work, one-to-one reading at home or front-of-class whiteboard teaching.

  • Support ESL or struggling readers using the fun audio synchronisation.

  • Regularly check understanding with self-marking quizzes and built-in reporting tool.

Find the rest of our PYP resources over on our Hodder Education site, you can log in, take our trials and order with the same account details:

PYP Teaching for Success

Three titles providing high-quality continuing professional development opportunities for teachers on agency, leadership skills and creating the right environment for learning spaces

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PYP Friends Storybook Series

These five PYP Friends storybooks help you deliver the PYP and create inviting and intentional learning spaces which support physical and emotional well-being.

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PYP Approaches to Learning Workbooks

Consolidate learning, deepen understanding and develop ATL skills through a range of engaging activities ideal for independent learning and homework.

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PYP Mapping Chart

See exactly how the PYP Reading Planet Online Library maps to the IB PYP transdisciplinary themes and units of inquiry.

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