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In an era with so many digital distractions, children need vibrant, fresh and engaging books to spark an interest in reading.  
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Our recent reading survey, speaking to over 250 primary school teachers across the UK, found that pupils are so disengaged with reading, staff feel the need to incentivise. 75% give stickers as a reward for reading, more than 30% promise creative activities such as drawing or painting and over 25% give pupils additional playtime. This study was featured on Sky News and in the Daily Mail.


Rising Stars provide a wide range of titles - fiction, nonfiction and plays - that will get kids interested in reading from an early age, inspire your reluctant readers and raise attainment in reading.

Reading at Reception and Key Stage One

Check out Rising Stars Reading Planet, the exciting new readingReading Planet books programme for Reception and Key Stage 1 based on the latest literacy research in the UK, and get your kids hooked on reading from the very beginning.

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Reading at Key Stage Two

Build confidence in older pupils with our award-winning systematic Dockside Packphonics-based reading intervention programme, Dockside, available in print and as eBooks.

Grab your reluctant readers with our Rising Stars eBooksEbooksavailable to read anywhere and on any device, with riveting storylines guaranteed to perk the interest of even your most unenthusiastic readers.

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