Moving on from Letters & Sounds

Webinar leader: Abigail Steel 
Online: Thursday 6th May 2021, 4pm – 5pm
Price: FREE

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In this free online webinar, phonics expert and Rocket Phonics author Abigail Steel will respond to the recent DfE statement encouraging schools to move on from using Letters and Sounds (2007). Using her extensive training and consultation experience, Abigail will give essential advice on which things to hold on to, and which to tweak to ensure phonics success for teachers and children.

  • Discover why the DfE wants schools to move on from using Letters & Sounds (2007)
  • Hear what makes a successful phonics school
  • Learn from Abigail’s experience in supporting phonics in hundreds of schools in different circumstances




Introductions and sound checks

Moving on from Letters and Sounds (2007):

  • Why the DfE wants all schools to move on from using Letters & Sounds (2007)
  • Phonics fundamentals:  what you shouldn’t change in teaching practice
  • Phonics ownership: the things you can tailor to suit your school’s needs and your teaching preferences

Review and reflect

Webinar ends


Abigail Steel

abigail steelAbigail Steel is an education consultant, trainer and author specialising in English language and literacy. After spending two decades working closely with hundreds of schools and teachers in the UK and across the globe, Abigail knows what truly drives positive outcomes for children. Often described as inspirational, her approaches to the pedagogies behind teaching and learning are both practical and insightful. Abigail Steel is the author of the new Rocket Phonics teaching and learning programme from Reading Planet. Learn more here.

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