Interpretations of the phonics teaching and learning cycle

Webinar leaders: Abigail Steel and Debbie Hepplewhite
Online: Tuesday 27th April 4pm – 5pm
Price: FREE

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How does your school approach the phonics teaching and learning cycle and is it achieving the best results?

In this free online session, leading phonics experts Abigail Steel and Debbie Hepplewhite will provide essential guidance on how you can implement a successful phonics teaching and learning cycle.

Ideal for NQTs, qualified teachers and Phonics Leads/Literacy Coordinators, the session will cover: 

  • The pedagogy and rationale underpinning an effective phonics teaching and learning cycle
  • How to map phonics knowledge and skills against it  
  • How to apply a teaching and learning cycle to achieve the best results for your pupils

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Interpretations of the phonics teaching and learning cycle  

Abigail and Debbie will:

  • Discuss why the phonics teaching and learning cycle is such a hot topic right now
  • Evaluate the impact of phonics provision
  • Provide their recommendations for a logical approach to using the phonics teaching and learning cycle 

Feedback from March's Phonics webinar

"Informative, well-paced. Opportunities for questions to be answered. Clear message. Abi and Debbie are tapping into current concerns in early literacy so it is good to have information to inform changes in practice." Gail Elder, literacy Education Manager, East Ayrshire

About the speakers

Abigail Steel

abigail steelAbigail Steel is an education consultant, trainer and author specialising in English language and literacy. After spending two decades working closely with hundreds of schools and teachers in the UK and across the globe, Abigail knows what truly drives positive outcomes for children. Often described as inspirational, her approaches to the pedagogies behind teaching and learning are both practical and insightful. Abigail Steel is the author of the new Rocket Phonics teaching and learning programme from Reading Planet. Learn more here.


Debbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

Debbie Hepplewhite is an international consultant, trainer and phonics programme author for the foundations of literacy. She has written many articles and posts featuring the realities and challenges of practical teaching and learning provision. The thrust of Debbie’s work is that teaching should be informed by the findings of research on the teaching of reading but also on leading-edge, fit for purpose, classroom findings. Can we provide ‘better still’ than some of the most typical common phonics practices?

Debbie and Abi are founding committee members of the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction. Learn more here.

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