Reading with your child

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Reading at home: guidance for parents and carers

Top tips for reading at home

  • Create a routine 

  • Make time to read little and often 

  • Prepare a reading environment 

  • Get comfortable, engage with and support reading 

  • Praise after reading 

Read the tips in detail here


Heard of phonics, but unsure what it actually is? It’s something that your child’s teacher is most likely using to teach your child to read, but it might be something that you find unfamiliar. Phonics is an effective way to ‘unlock’ words and to help children make progress with reading.

Read an introduction to phonics here

Learn about the different elements of phonics, including graphemes, phonemes, blending and segmenting here 

Read advice for parents on phonics here 

Book bands 

Many reading schemes use coloured book bands to indicate the level of their books. But what do these colours mean? Using book bands helps children, parents and teachers know which books are suitable to read at each stage of the child’s reading journey

Reception-Key Stage 1 (Age 4-7): View a book band guide here

Key Stage 2 (Age 7-11): View a book band guide here 

Reading Planet books

Each Reading Planet book includes activity suggestions and questions to use during a reading session with your child. The questions are ideal for improving comprehension and vocabulary. Activities might include fun drawing and writing tasks. 

Look at activity suggestions and questions in our Reading Planet sample books here

Reading Planet Online Library

If your child's school subscribes to the Reading Planet Online Library, you will be able to access it at home for free. The Online Library can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, and includes hundreds of colourful, interactive eBooks and quizzes. Talk to your child's school about getting set-up at home.

 Find out more about using the Reading Planet Online Library at home here.

Guide to reading with your child

For parents and carers of Reception-Key Stage 1 children, we've created this free and accessible guide on reading at home. It's available in six different languages: English, Polish, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and Punjabi.

View and download the guides here

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