Training Schools

We have been working with a selection of primary schools who have been providing feedback on Rising Stars Mathematics.

The Rising Stars Mathematics Training Schools are a network of hub schools which provide advice to schools who want to find out more about the programme and support to new adopters.

Please email if you would like to be put into contact with one of the schools below.

Tennyson Road Primary School, Luton

"Rising Stars Mathematics provides a secure framework to plan from, as well as challenging, fun and engaging activities which ensure that children are taught problem solving and reasoning skills throughout."

Read their case study

Penn Wood Primary School, Slough

"The scheme of work provides many ideas for concrete manipulatives and pictorial models which help to scaffold work until learners become more secure and can move onto abstract concepts."

Read their case study

Hawes Down Junior School, Bromley

"It has an easy-to-follow structure that incorporates manipulatives within every topic as well as showing how they can be incorporated into problem solving and reasoning, meaning we were able to help build a maths mastery approach across our school."

Read their case study


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