St Michaels C.E Primary School

My school has mixed aged classes throughout and had never used any maths schemes before; this made finding the right scheme really hard. When researching, Rising Stars Mathematics stood out to me instantly as it was detailed and well planned, the units flowed well and each year group moved at a similar pace allowing for mixed aged classes to connect and work together. The scheme doesn’t require children to rehearse a skill too many times but instead allows for children to quickly show they have understood a skill before moving on to a challenge.

Rising Stars Mathematics showed flexibility, allowing for the needs of all children in class to be met and for teachers to comfortably add additional activities to support or strengthen children’s understanding. It also showed a heavy focus on the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract); this is something we had really connected to as a school during the Shanghai Maths project. The use of a range of practical and concrete resources throughout each unit and each class was refreshing to see.

The icing on the cake that finally made us decide it was the scheme for us was the online material. The CPD videos are great and ensure staff knowledge and mathematical vocabulary is secure. The videos for children to watch are interesting, engaging and a great way to secure key skills and the ability to view the textbook on the screen enables the class to focus on the key skill in detail.

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Natalie Townley, Maths Coordinator
Rising Stars Mathematics
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