Inspire young mathematicians with creative, play-based ideas:

  • Provide teachers with all the resources they need to help children meet early learning goals for maths and secure a strong grounding in mathematics.

  • Encourage mathematical awareness and understanding through enjoyable, game based learning. 

  • Give children a secure foundation in mathematics and ensure they're prepared for Year 1 with a selection of creative, free-flow, and adult-led activities and games. 

Download Free Samples

Download Free Samples of Rising Stars Mathematics in the Early Years

Download Free Samples

New EYFS Framework

Rising Stars Mathematics for the Early Years has been mapped for the new EYFS curriculum

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Encourage mathematical confidence in teachers and children
  • Develop children’s understanding of mathematical concepts through child-initiated activities and games.
  • Build strong foundations for future learning by encouraging children touse concrete representations.
  • Encourage children to use precise mathematical vocabulary to assist their understanding.
  • Save time with ready-made resources tailored to your youngest children.
  • Enhance home-school links with ready-made activities to deepen learning at home.
  • Ensure all teachers can implement effective pedagogical strategies in the EYFS classroom using supportive CPD video guidance.  
  • Support teacher observation to child-initiated play and responses to adult led-questioning
What's included?

Rising Stars Mathematics in the Early Years print resources

A Teacher's guide:

  • Help tailor the programme to your school's needs with planning support.
  • Engage children with 14 units of work each containing an introuductory activity or game, adult lead activities and child intiated free-flow activities.
  • Support progress, observation and assessment.
  • Deepen understanding at home with ready-made newsletters and supportive guidance.

Game boards:
Consolidate learning and help identify gaps in understanding with 14 game boards.

Engage parents in their child's mathematical journey with 14 full colour posters that can be displayed on your school noticeboard.

Rising Stars Mathematics in the Early Years digital resources

Available on annual subscription via My Rising Stars for all your teachers

  • Prompt rich, whole-class discussion with talking and thinking images to project onto the whiteboard.
  • Help practitioners develop effective pedagogical strategies with CPD videos.
  • Support teachers and encourage confidence with the Online Teacher's Guide.
  • Engage parents with editable newsletters to send home.
  • Save time planning with downloadable resource sheets.
  • Editable medium-term plans.
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