Year 6 challenging maths problem - decimals and percentages

This activity gives your pupils the opportunity to use contextualized mathematics to extend their understanding of decimals and percentages. It has been written for the 2013 national curriculum.

The activity is broken into four sections so that problems become increasingly more demanding. Mathematical reasoning is an integral part of this resource and children will be expected to explain their thinking as part of their solution.

Within the teacher guidance there is an overview of the content, prompts to help the teacher consider whether the children have the required skills and knowledge that will need to be applied and prompts for assessing the children’s strategies. The answers are also provided.

The activity includes:

  • Photocopiable activity
  • Teaching guidance

These resources have been taken from Maths for the More Able published by Rising Stars In association with NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education)

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