Mathematical Vocabulary eBook

The Mathematical Vocabulary ebook helps students use correct language when thinking, learning
and communicating mathematically. 

Children may build knowledge through remembering information that they hear, but it is only when they put these ideas into their own words that it becomes clear whether concepts have been learned effectively. It is in listening to children talking about mathematics that teachers can best assess what they are actually learning and understanding. This enables us to identify and address any misconceptions that might be developing.

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About this book

This book provides a series of checklists to support teachers in identifying the words that the children need to understand and use in order to make good progress in mathematics. The book is for class teachers, support staff and any other adults in the classroom.

The book begins with the vocabulary that the children should be introduced to in the Mathematics area of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. It progresses through KS1 and KS2 to the words that children would be expected to know and be able use in Year 6. The words listed for each year group include all the vocabulary from the previous year/s for reference, with new words for that year highlighted in red from Year 1 onwards. These lists will help teachers identify key language for a topic and integrate their use into lesson plans. They can then ensure that new vocabulary is introduced at the right time and that familiar words continue to be consolidated.

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