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I have been looking at the new Rising Stars French resource which came out in January 2020.

The first thing that impressed me was that even though it is mostly on online resource, for each stage (ie year group) you get a paper copy of a “Teacher’s Book”. To me, it makes planning so much easier than having to look for lesson plans etc online and potentially having to print them. Each book is clear, user-friendly, and for each unit includes photocopiable resources too.

Once you log on, the online animations are cute, the storyboards feel authentic, the translation bank is very useful for non-specialist teachers, and the activities are straightforward – I did not feel overwhelmed by anything. In view of assessments, the children complete non-threatening challenges and quizzes.

In addition, you will find many useful cross-curricular ideas, and I have to mention the great use of stories and rhymes throughout.

The scheme is a stand-alone resource, but it can also supplement existing schemes already in place in schools. The costs of the scheme are £150 for permanent access for each year group, or £540 for the whole of KS2.

I would recommend Rising Stars French for specialist or non-specialist teachers who are looking for a scheme that is comprehensive and straightforward to use. You will particularly love it if you are familiar with the QCA French KS2 units, as they form the basis of this scheme, but they have been updated to fit in with the 2014 Programme of study (as you can see in the very clear curriculum coverage grids) and the more recent Ofsted framework, with a focus on vocabulary, grammar and phonics.

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