Syllable Shambles

Warm Up Review:

It is really helpful for children to review these first two (of 6) types of syllables.
From early on, this means they can tackle words they never imagined they could read and spell.

Pupils can say their name with their hand under their chin and count how many times their jaws drop.
Stand up if you have a one syllable name, two syllables etc
Do the jaw method and then pupils can put up one finger every time they hear a 'beat' in the following words:

ant, giraffe, elephant, caterpillar, armadillo, kangaroo, dolphin, worm.

Now you're ready to play the game!

Display the board on your interactive whiteboard or print out for your pupils. Download below.

Divide into teams of two and see if they can put
these syllables together in the right order to make a word. 
Now can they spell some of these words?

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