WordBlaze Case Study from Edgewood Primary School

Who ran the WordBlaze programme?

The PP teaching assistant managed and led the intervention, completed assessments and reported to the PP leader and class teachers.


What are the benefits of using WordBlaze?

  • Very clearly structured programme, so ideal for a teaching assistant to lead

  • Children are very enthusiastic about the group and the programme 

  • The range of approaches supports learners to tackle things in innovative ways and provides plenty of hooks for the learning of letter patterns, etc.

  • Evidence of children using strategies and rules in other classwork

What impact has WordBlaze had on raising reading and spelling attainment?
The impact on reading ability has quickly been evident, particularly in relation to decoding. The impact on spelling is, as yet, less clear after a relatively short time in the programme, but our initial feelings are such that we intend to continue and grow the programme. Some children have made a whole year’s progress on the spelling scheme within three months.

Would you recommend WordBlaze to other schools?
Yes – we’re expanding the programme for a range of interventions across Key Stage 2 in the autumn term!

You can read more about this case study here.

Michael Tidd, Deputy Headteacher of Edgewood Primary School.
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