WordBlaze Case Study from Cothill School

WordBlaze is a fast-paced reading and spelling intervention resource that is proven to raise standards in reading and spelling across Key Stage 2.

Cothill School has been using the WordBlaze approach for the past two years and has seen significant improvements in their intervention group results.

Summary Findings
TheYear 6 children in particular progressed quickly using WordBlaze. Some children increased their reading age by three years and spelling age by two years over the course of just one academic year!

Craig's WordBlaze journey!

Craig joined the school in Year 5, aged 9, with a reading age of 7.00 and a spelling age of 7.11. He was given one-to-one and group literacy intervention lessons using the WordBlaze approach and responded exceptionally well. He enjoyed the memory hook phrases, pictures and stories, and found this approach helped him remember which spelling pattern he needed for a particular word. He also loved illustrating the stories making his Challenge booklet personal.

By the end of Year 5, Craig’s scores had risen to 9.09 for reading and 10.06 for spelling – over two years’ progress in reading and almost three in spelling!

You can read more about the impact of Wordblaze at Cothill School here.

Cothill School
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