St Wilfrid's Class Teacher, Years 2 and 3

How are you using Rising Stars History and Geography?

We are utilising the resource to support rolling programmes across school. The units have been supportive for both History and Geography as we can ensure NC is covered and map our children’s journey in different classes.


Why did you choose Rising Stars History and Geography?

It was something we were trialling I believe and being in mixed class I hadn’t used but since reorganising the curriculum I have had more experience.


What are the main benefits?

The resources provide enough background information and subject knowledge to support teachers at any point in their career to enable to teach effectively. The resources have been able to be used flexibly to ensure coverage across our school of unusual mixed class arrangements. The resources including quizzes are there to use.  It has more of a focus on skills for being an historian or a geographer rather than simply coverage.


Is the resource flexible? How?

The resource has been flexible enough to organise for our setting of cross phase mixed classes as well as straight year group classes. It is also editable to staff can make their own decisions about what content to use/adapt or even add to.


How effective has Rising Stars History and Geography been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?

The focus on skills rather than just knowledge – in fact the balance between the two has really been supportive. Children need to know things and they need the skills to find out more etc so there is a balance between these in the units I have used to support teachers and help develop both aspects.


How has it helped to direct your teaching plans?

It has been very helpful to support the development of long term teaching plans as well as lesson to lesson work.


What did you like about it? 

I like the security of knowing the coverage is there and knowing it is a complete package with support for staff and the resources are at hand. The balance between knowledge and skills is helpful also


Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

Yes, it is comprehensive and while it doesn’t ease workload in all respects it goes a way to do so. All resources are at hand etc, subject knowledge is touched upon in places and covered so it is supportive of RQT’s and ECT’s. There is also a consistency for children when it is used across school.

Rising Stars History
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