St Wilfrid's Class Teacher, Year 1

How are you using RIsing Stars History and Geography?

Used across the school for planning Geography and History lessons


What are the main benefits of Rising Stars History and Geography?

Helps support teachers with subject knowledge. Clear overview of units and learning objectives. Good lesson ideas and slides to support teaching.


Is the resource flexible? How?

Yes – there is a detailed lesson plan for each lesson but it is possible to adapt lessons.


Does Rising Stars History and Geography engage your learners? How?

Yes, they find the topics interesting and activities varied to keep the children engaged.


How effective has it been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?

Assessment opportunities and unit quizzes have been helpful in identifying any areas that may need to be recovered.


How have you used Rising Stars History and Geography to track progression and achievement?

Ongoing formative assessment throughout each unit.


How has it helped to direct your teaching plans?

Clear unit overviews and lesson plans. Allows me to consider what are the key points to be delivered in each lesson.


Have you found the resource easy to use?

Yes, easy to access and clear lesson plans.


What did you like about it? 

Very clear and easy to use. Detailed background knowledge for teachers to support subject knowledge.


Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

Yes, it is clear, good resource for supporting teaching of these two subjects.

Rising Stars History
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