Philip's School and Children's Atlases

Published in association with The Royal Geographical Society. 


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Philip’s Junior School AtlasJunior School Atlas

(Paperback: £8.99, Hardback: £9.99)

Foster essential geographic skills with the 11th edition of the market leading atlas for pupils aged 7-11.

  • Provide an excellent introduction to mapping concepts such as scale, direction, symbols, longitude and latitude.
  • Cover topics such as mountains, rivers, climate and weather, population and cities, farming and fishing, industry and energy, transport, tourism and conservation with thematic maps.
  • Teach key map reading skills with a completely up-to-date and fully revised junior atlas. 

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Philip’s Children’s Atlas

(Hardback: £12.99)Children's School Atlas

Bring geography to life for children aged 7-12 with clear maps and fascinating facts, providing essential geographical information for your students.

  • Help pupils to develop map reading skills with clear, accurate cartography, teaching them how to use and enjoy maps.
  • Engage children in the world around them with illustrations, quizzes, activity ideas and puzzles to make learning fun.
  • Suitable for use at home or school with guidance for parents and teachers included.

Previous winner of the Geographical Association’s award for making a significant contribution to geography.

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Philip’s Infant School Atlas 

(Paperback: £8.99, Hardback: £9.99)Infant School Atlas

Help pupils aged 5-7 to discover the world around them with an essential, bestselling atlas covering Key Stage 1 in an accessible and fun way.

  • Show children the world today with 50 pages of clear, child-friendly maps.
  • Bring countries to life with stamps, flags, illustrations and photos.
  • Encourage reading skills with bold text, simple words and short sentences.
  • Cover Geography, History, Science, Citizenship and Literacy requirements for Key Stage 1 pupils.

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